To help our clients meet their ERM goals and objectives we offer a full range of services, including:

  • ERM framework review, gap analysis and implementation roadmap.
  • Strategic ERM implementation:
    • How to establish a robust methodology for risk based decision analysis including risk-reward, risk-control and risk-transfer optimization in conformity with the risk tolerance standards of the stakeholders;
    • How to develop a comprehensive risk architecture/taxonomy, encompassing all risks;
    • How to define risk tolerance;
    • How to establish risk-based governance standards: policies and procedures; roles and responsibilities;
    • How to measure risk – specifically how to incorporate the contribution of the so called “black swan” events into economic capital for all risks (e.g., market, credit, operational risk);
    • How to conduct scenario analysis/stress testing for all risks (e.g., market, credit, operational risk), where the stress level can be associated with a specific frequency (e.g., one in a hundred year event).

Engagements, including the above services are tailored to each client’s unique requirements.