A New Approach for Managing Operational Risk
December 2009, Society of Actuaries Research Paper
Modern Operational Risk Management (Russian)
2009, Published in Russia
Enterprise Risk Management: Modern Operational Risk Management
February 2008, Emphasis
Fundamental Issues in OpRisk Management (Chinese)
June 2006, The Banker
Uses and Misuses of Loss Data
May/June 2006, Global Association of Risk Professionals
Fundamental Issues in OpRisk Management
February 2006, Oprisk & Compliance
Warum COSO nicht greift (German)
February 2006, RISIKO MANAGER
Gestion Des Risques Opérationnels: Approches Traditionnelles Insuffisantes (French)
June 2005, Revue Banque
Why COSO is Flawed
January 2005, Operational Risk Magazine
Categorization Analysis
March 2003
Categorization – A Solution
February 2002
Is the Size of an Operational Loss Related to Firm Size?
January 2000, Operational Risk
Measuring Operational Risk
4th Quarter 1998, Global Trading

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