The Enterprise Risk Manager™ allows executives to identify and assess/measure their entire portfolio of risks and to use this information to make more informed risk-based strategic decisions. This unique tool supports multiple forms of risk quantification and is applicable across all industries, globally.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Allows for the systematic assessment/measurement of all enterprise risks, including all business risks, market risks, credit risks, insurance risks, legal risks, strategic risks and operational risks, at any level of granularity.
  • Offers myriad practical benefits. Enables executives to analyze the feasibility of new business proposals, as well as the viability of investments in improved controls and/or insurance with different retention levels and coverage limits.
  • Facilitates evaluation of risk-reward, risk-control and risk-transfer trade-offs – at the risk tolerance level of the stakeholders – across all material risks.
  • Produces virtually instantaneous results. Allows executives to evaluate the pros and cons of different business/risk strategies in real time. Perfectly suited for senior level decision-makers.
  • Allows for all relevant information, including historical loss data and/or expert opinion, to be incorporated into the analysis – in a theoretically valid manner.
  • Leverages sophisticated, next generation analytics, including the Annualized Loss Exceedance Curve (ALEC) method and an ultra-high speed Monte Carlo simulation engine. Nevertheless, this highly intuitive and user-friendly tool requires virtually no prior knowledge of mathematics or statistics.

The Enterprise Risk Manager supports multiple forms of risk assessment/measurement, from the most simple to the most advanced, including the probability x loss method, the loss exceedance curve method and the annualized loss exceedance curve method. It also facilitates informed decision-making across a range of risk management business problems.

The Enterprise Risk Manager is the most comprehensive and versatile risk assessment and risk management solution available today. The tool is currently available in Chinese, English, French and German and is offered as a self-hosted or cloud based solution.

Summary of Technical Features

The Enterprise Risk Manager is a web-based client-server application. The solution has been developed using the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) architecture, and is compatible with most commercial web browsers, operating systems, application servers and database servers, as illustrated below:

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